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"The Sixth Extinction"

Aired: 07 November 1999
In the first of a two-part episode, two people join Scully's Ivory Coast investigation into why Mulder is locked in a padded cell, where he exhibits heretofore unseen brain activity. Kritschgau: John Finn. Amina: Jo Nell Kennedy. Barnes: Michael Ensign. Doctor: Warren Sweeney. Diana: Mimi Rogers. Barnes' Driver: Anthony Okungbowa.

"The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"

Aired: 14 November 1999
Mulder is taken from the hospital to “a kind of witness-protection program,” and Skinner tells Scully he must distance himself from the case. Mrs. Mulder: Rebecca Toolan. Albert: Floyd Red Crow Westerman. Kritschgau: John Finn. Diana: Mimi Rogers. Flager: Martin Grey. Dr. Harriman: Warren Sweeney.


Aired: 21 November 1999
A fast-food restaurant is linked to the discovery of a submerged car with a body in the trunk, but no brain in the body. Rob: Chad E. Donella. Derwood: Mark Pellegrino. Dr. Reinhart: Judith Hoag. Sylvia: Lois Foraker. Manager: Bill Lee Brown. Motivational Speaker: Kevin Porter.


Aired: 28 November 1999
The graves of four FBI agents who committed suicide are desecrated and a symbol is left that has Mulder suspecting that someone is summoning the dead for a catastrophic turn-of-the-millennium event. Black: Lance Henriksen. Johnson: Holmes Osborne. Deputy: Colby French. Coroner: Mone Walton. Funeral Director: William Forward. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi.


Aired: 05 December 1999
A teen accused of murder keeps mum about two mysterious friends who literally vanish from the scene after foretelling a death. Tony: Rodney Scott. Max: Scott Cooper. Chastity: Nicki Aycox. Sheriff: Tom Bower. Babbitt: David Wells. Burks: Bill Dow. Deputy: Les Lannom. Mrs. Reed: Ann Dowd.

"The Goldberg Variation"

Aired: 12 December 1999
An artificial eye is the sole clue to the identity of a man who walks away from a 30-story fall after being pushed by mobsters, one of whom dies strangely after a second encounter. Henry: Willie Garson. Cutrona: Ramy Zada. Richie: Shia La Beouf. Maggie: Alyson Reed. Dominic: Tony Longo. Maurice: Ernie Lee Banks. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.


Aired: 09 January 2000
A necrophiliac who once abducted Scully vanishes from a prison, but is found by the prison chaplain, who appears to assist in another escape as cops close in. Pfaster: Nick Chinlund. Orison: Scott Wilson. Brigham: Emilio Rivera. Daddo: Steve Rankin. Waitress: Irene Muzzy. Blueberry: Tara Buck. Redhead: Lisa Kushell.

"The Amazing Maleeni"

Aired: 16 January 2000
Scully's autopsy contradicts her suspicion of murder in the case of a small-time magician who amazed his audience by doing a 360 with his head. Pinchbeck: Ricky Jay. LaBonge: Jonathan Levit. Alvarez: Robert LaSardo. Bank Officer: Mark Chaet. Courier Guard: Steven Barr. Driver: Adam Vernier.

"Signs and Wonders"

Aired: 23 January 2000
The only physical evidence at the scene of a man found dead inside his locked car are some 200 snake bites on his body. O'Connor: Michael Childers. Gracie: Tracy Middendorf. Mackey: Randy Oglesby. Iris: Beth Grant. Chirp: Eric Nenninger.

"Sein und Zeit"

Aired: 06 February 2000
Mulder appears to have his own agenda as he disputes preliminary evidence---and other agents' opinions---in the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl. Part 1 of two. Kathy Lee Tencate: Kim Darby. LaPierre: Mark Rolston. Mrs. LaPierre: Shareen Mitchell. Bring: Spencer Garrett. Agt. Flagler: Martin Grey. Mrs. Mulder: Rebecca Toolan.


Aired: 13 February 2000
A psychic's mention of spiritual intervention wins Mulder's trust as he joins the search for Amber Lynn, who, he says, is connected to Mulder's sister Samantha. Piller: Anthony Heald. Agent Schoniger: Stanley Anderson. Ed: Randall Bosley. Det. Kadri: Sal Landi. Arbutus Ray: Patience Cleveland. CSM: William B. Davis.


Aired: 20 February 2000
After their patrol car is overturned, a “Cops” camera crew latches on to Scully and Mulder, who say they're on the same case---investigating a reported “monster.” Wetzel: Judson Mills. Sgt. Guthrie: Dee Freeman. Steve: J.W. Smith. Edy: Curtis C. Chantara: Maria Celedonio. Ricky: Solomon Eversol. Coroner's Assistant: Tara Karsian.

"First Person Shooter"

Aired: 27 February 2000
The Lone Gunmen summon the agents after a seemingly impossible murder occurs inside a virtual-reality game in which they have a financial stake. Phoebe: Constance Zimmer. Jade Blue/Maitreya: Krista Allen. Ivan: Jamie Marsh. Retro: Billy Ray Gallion. Lo-Fat: Michael Ray Bower. Moxie: Ryan Todd.


Aired: 12 March 2000
A bloody message, possibly misspelled, and dirt in the victim's bed are found at the hanging death of a prominent surgeon, whose autopsy reveals more bizarreness. Wieder: James Morrison. Peattie: Billy Drago. Nan: Kate McNeil. Lucy: Cara Jedell. Thalbro: Tom Dahlgren. Landlady: Sage Allen. Proprietor: Pamela Gordon.

"En Ami"

Aired: 19 March 2000
A boy claims angels from the sky cured his well-publicized cancer, a “demonstration” says the CSM (William B. Davis), who offers Scully “the cure for millions”---but Mulder can't know. Marjorie: Louise Latham. Jason: Cory Parravano. Irene: Jacqueline Schultz. McPeck: Michael Canavan.


Aired: 02 April 2000
A broken mirror and a child's claims about a raven are Mulder's clues in the disappearance of a seemingly perfect Vermont wife. Elsewhere, Scully endures a tedious stakeout. Sheriff: John Mese. Jenny: Gina Mastrogiacomo. Ellen: Michelle Joyner. Howard: Charles Hoyes. Doctor: F. William Parker. Martha: Wendy Schaal.

"All Things"

Aired: 09 April 2000
Scully finds herself on a spiritual journey after some seemingly chance encounters: she meets a hospitalized former teacher and a crop-circle researcher (Colleen Flynn) who's England-bound in search of a computer-predicted event. Daniel: Nicolas Surovy. Colleen: Colleen Flynn. Maggie: Stacy Haiduk. Dr. Kopeikan: Stephen Hornyak. Healer: Scott Vance.

"Brand X"

Aired: 16 April 2000
A tobacco researcher who's supposed to testify against his former employer dies in a bizarre fashion while under Skinner's protection. Weaver: Tobin Bell. Voss: Dennis Boutsikaris. Brimley: Richard Cox. Scobie: Rick Deats. Mrs. Scobie: Pat Destro. Lead Counsel: Arthur Rosenberg. Skinner: Mitch Pileggi.

"Hollywood A.D."

Aired: 30 April 2000
Tea Leoni and Garry Shandling have cameos as Skinner lets a screenwriter friend (Wayne Federman) observe Mulder investigating the death of a '60s counterculture icon from a pipe bomb in a church crypt. O'Fallon: Harris Yulin. Hoffman: Paul Lieber. Burks: Bill Dow. Cigarette Smoking Pontiff: Tony Amendola.

"Fight Club"

Aired: 07 May 2000
Kathy Griffin plays twins who have a devastating effect on their environs when they're in the other's vicinity. And a wrestler (Randall “Tex” Cobb) is romancing them both. Saperstein: Art Evans. Gustafson: Jack McGee. FBI Agents: Arlene Pileggi, Steve Kiziak. Missionaries: Cory Blevins, John O'Brien.

"Je Souhaite"

Aired: 14 May 2000
Will Sasso (“Mad TV”) guest stars in an amusing and inspiring look at the age-old fantasy of having three wishes. Jenn: Paula Sorge. Anson: Kevin Weisman. Gilmore: Paul Hayes. Mulder: David Duchovny. Scully: Gillian Anderson.


Aired: 21 May 2000
The agents are taken back to the site of their first case together (alien abductions in Oregon). Meanwhile, the ailing CSM summons Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias. Billy: Zachary Ansley. Det. Miles: Leon Russom. Agent Short: Andy Umberger. Deputy Hoese: Darin Cooper. Teresa: Sarah Koskoff. Greta: Gretchen Becker. Krycek: Nicholas Lea. Covarrubias: Laurie Holden.

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