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Tales of Barry Allen, a police scientist who accidentally gains super speed, and uses it to fight crime in Central City with the help of scientist and friend Tina McGee.

Broadcast History

On DVD / Video

Title Release Date
The Flash (Pilot) VHS January 13, 1993
The Flash II Revenge of the Trickster (VHS) February 7, 1995
The Complete Second Series January 10, 2006


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Episode List


Aired: September 20. 1990
Debut: Police scientist Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) gains super speed after lightning strikes him and he's doused with chemicals. In the opener, the comic-book hero battles a motorcycle gang terrorizing Central City. Iris West: Paula Marshall. Jay Allen: Tim Thomerson.

"Out of Control"

Aired: September 27. 1990
A genetic researcher from Tina's past is not only toying with her affections, but also playing with the cell structures of Central City's homeless. Carl Tanner: Stan Ivar. Charlie: Jeff Perry. Father Michael: John Toles-Bay. Sam: Mario Roccuzzo.

"Watching the Detectives"

Aired: October 18. 1990
A DA learns the Flash's true identity, which he threatens to reveal if Barry won't cooperate in a scheme against the DA's mobster partner. Megan Lockhart: Joyce Hyser. Castillo: Vincent Guastaferro. Simonson: Harris Laskawy.

"Honor Among Thieves"

Aired: October 25. 1990
Saxman Clarence Clemons plays one of a gang of thieves planning a museum heist, but a Federal agent closes the exhibition when he learns who's leading the gang. Kovacs: Ian Buchanan. Lestrange: Michael Greene. Ted Preminger: Paul Linke. Chu Lee: Ping Wu.

"Double Vision"

Aired: November 1. 1990
A drug lord is behind Barry's extended blackouts, which coincide with mysterious disturbances in a superstitious neighborhood. Trachmann: Charles Hayward. Calderon: Miguel Fernandes. Santero: Zitto Kazann. Paloma Tomarquin: Karla Montana.

"Sins of the Father"

Aired: November 8. 1990
An escaped bank robber Barry's father (M. Emmet Walsh) put away is back in Central City for a payback to the ex-cop and a payday with the unrecovered money. Johnny Ray Hix: Paul Koslo. Nora Allen: Priscilla Pointer. Danny: Ralph Seymour. Gruber: Michael James.

"Child's Play"

Aired: November 15. 1990
A reporter is killed to eliminate his notes about a drug inventor and his highly addictive new hallucinogen---but the notes have been lifted by a street thief. Terry: Jonathan Brandis. Lesko: Jimmie F. Skaggs. Pepper: Perry Reeves. Joan: Michele Lamar Richards.

"Shroud of Death"

Aired: November 29. 1990
Barry finds a tie to Lt. Garfield (Mike Genovese) after clues connect the rather exotic murders of a judge and a former DA. Meanwhile, Tina considers a California job. Killer: Lora Zane. Mavis: Lenore Kasdorf. Callahan: Walter Olkewicz. DeJoy: Don Hood.

"Ghost in the Machine"

Aired: December 13. 1990
A man comes out of a 35-year cryogenic sleep to resume his extortion plot thwarted in 1955 by the city's first masked crime fighter. Dr. Desmond Powell: Jason Bernard. Ghost: Anthony Starke. Belle: Lois Nettleton. Skip: Ian Abercrombie.

"Sight Unseen"

Aired: January 10. 1991
A master of invisibility steals a vial of nerve toxin from Star Labs, where another broken vial traps Tina and her boss in a contamination lockdown. Gideon: Christopher Neame. Quinn: George Dickerson. Ruth: Deborah May. Cartwright: Francois Giroday.

"Beat the Clock"

Aired: January 31. 1991
With less than an hour to live, a condemned murderer has his innocence trumpeted by a friend who dies before his proof can be heard. Whisper: Ken Foree. Elliott: Tommy Ford. Kline: Richard Belzer. Linda: Angela Bassett. Wayne: Jay Arlen Jones.

"The Trickster"

Aired: February 7. 1991
Mark Hamill plays a psychotic killer who dons his own costume to take revenge on the Flash for stealing his true love (Joyce Hyser)---the PI who once unmasked the Flash. Julio: Alex Desert. Murphy: Biff Manard. Bellows: Vito D'Ambrosio. Sabrina: Gloria Reuben.

"Tina, Is That You?"

Aired: February 14. 1991
A lab accident turns Tina into a new woman, who wants to fill the vacant leadership of a female crime gang---and kill the Flash. Shauna: Denise Dillard. Janie: Courtney Gebhart. Lisa: Yvette Nipar. Big Ed: John Santucci. Harley: Bella Pollini.

"Be My Baby"

Aired: February 21. 1991
Barry gets involved with a young mother (Kimberly Neville) trying to keep her baby from her criminal husband (Bryan Cranston), who married the woman for her genetic desirability. Nora: Priscilla Pointer. Bodey: Robert D'Zar. Roy: David Chamel.

"Fast Forward"

Aired: February 27. 1991
A murderer goes after the Flash with a missile that explodes and sends the speedster into the future, where he has no powers---and the killer (Michael Nader) is Central City's mayor. Monica: Beth Windsor. Kelso: Robert O'Reilly. Sabrina: Gloria Reuben. Kline: Richard Belzer.

"Deadly Nightshade"

Aired: March 30. 1991
The Nightshade (Jason Bernard) returns to clear his name, now being used by a vigilante whose justice is far more severe than his predecessor's. Bohannon: Richard Burgi. Frost: Denise Crosby. Fosnight: Dick Miller. Keefe: Will MacMillan. Felicia: Jeri-Lynn Ryan.

"Captain Cold"

Aired: April 6. 1991
The Flash is in hot pursuit of a coldblooded killer (Michael Champion) who uses a nuclear-powered gun to freeze his victims. Terri: Lisa Darr. Murphy: Biff Manard. Swain: Jeffrey Combs. Fosnight: Dick Miller.

"Twin Streaks"

Aired: April 13. 1991
A scientist (Lenny Von Dohlen) succeeds in cloning the Flash but fails to control his creation, who rebels at having no identity---and takes Barry's. Whitcomb: Charley Lang. Garfield: Mike Genovese.

"Done With Mirrors"

Aired: April 27. 1991
A master (David Cassidy) of holograms steals a revolutionary power source, but his partner (Signy Coleman) takes it and finds a hiding place with old acquaintance Barry. Jocelyn: Carolyn Seymour. Tallent: Zack Norman.

"Good Night, Central City"

Aired: May 4. 1991
A robber "dies" during his arrest, then disappears from the morgue, and circumstantial evidence has an ambitious IA officer (Jeffrey King) linking Barry to the missing felon (Matt Landers). Roger: Bill Mumy. Morse: Victor Rivers.


Aired: May 11. 1991
Barry foils an attempt to abduct Tina's new assistant (Claire Stansfield), an android able to make her own decisions. Fosnight: Dick Miller. Powers: Laura Robinson. Rossik: Kenneth Tigar. Costigan: Jason Azikiwe. Murphy: Biff Manard.

"The Trial of the Trickster"

Aired: May 18. 1991
A secret admirer (Corinne Bohrer) springs the Trickster (Mark Hamill) from his trial, but becomes the forgotten woman when her man allies himself with the brainwashed Flash (John Wesley Shipp). Megan: Joyce Hyser. Kline: Richard Belzer.

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