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While working as a night watchman at a wax museum, Walter activates a crime computer of his own invention. The machine brings three figures to life, Dracula, Wolf man and Frankenstein's monster. The three figure, repentant about their monstrous ways, agree to help Walter fight crime.

Broadcast History

This series aired on the NBC broadcasting network. It premiered on September 11, 1976.

On DVD / Video

Title Release Date
The Complete Collection June 23, 2009


Episode Guide

"Queen Bee"

Aired: September 11, 1976
The Queen Bee chooses Dracula for her mate.

"Mr. Mephisto"

Aired: September 18, 1976
Mr. Mephisto makes life size political dolls to commit crimes.

"The Tickler"

Aired: September 25, 1976
The Tickler uses his tickling machine against the Monster Squad.

"The Ringmaster"

Aired: October 2, 1976
The Ringmaster threatens children with his stupid gas.

"Music Man"

Aired: October 9, 1976
Music Man robs a telethon.

"No Face"

Aired: October 16, 1976
No Face assumes the identity of the mayor to legalize crime.

"The Astrologer"

Aired: October 23, 1976
To create an earthquake that he predicted, The Astrologer steals an atomic bomb.

"Ultra Witch"

Aired: October 30, 1976
Ultra Witch makes the Monster Squad carboard cut outs.

"The Wizard"

Aired: November 6, 1976
The Wizard tries to steal National Monuments.

"The Skull"

Aired: November 13, 1976
The Monster Squad are after the Skull.

"The Weatherman"

Aired: November 20, 1976
The Weatherman refuses to stop the cold weather unless he is elected President.

"Lawrence of Moravia"

Aired: November 27, 1976
An evil shiek versus the Monster Squad.


Aired: December 4, 1976
Half man, half woman, Albert/Alberta battles the Monster Squad.

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