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Lab rats is a a sci-fi comedy about a teenager who lands the ultimate wish fulfillment when he gets three super-human step-siblings.

Broadcast History

This series aired on the Disney XD cable network. It premiered on February 27, 2012.

On DVD / Video

There is no DVD release scheduled for this series.


Episode Guide

"Crush, Chop, and Burn, Part 1"

Aired: February 27, 2012
A high-schooler discovers three super-human teens with bionic powers and they convince him to take them along to high school.

"Crush, Chop, and Burn, Part 2"

Aired: February 27, 2012
The three bionic teens disrupt school with their unique powers and are sent away to a remote lab.

"Commando App"

Aired: March 5, 2012
Chase is transformed into an unruly drill sergeant after his commando app is triggered by a football player on his first day of school.

"Leo's Jam"

Aired: March 12, 2012
Adam and Chase help Leo ask a girl to a school dance, but the girl ends up falling for the wrong brother.

"Rats on a Train"

Aired: March 19, 2012
The Lab Rats try to stop a speeding train that is out of control and headed for a nearby town. Meanwhile, Tasha covers the runaway train story for a local news station.

"Exoskeleton vs. Grandma"

Aired: April 6, 2012
Leo tries to repair a powerful exoskeleton unit and prevent his grandma from discovering the Lab Rats' bionic powers. Guest Cast Telma Hopkins: Grandma

"Smart and Smarter"

Aired: April 23, 2012
Chase and Adam run for student of the semester at school. Meanwhile, Leo takes advantage of Bree's super speed and makes her into his personal taxi.

"Bionic Birthday Fail"

Aired: May 7, 2012
Adam, Bree and Chase forget to invite Leo to his own surprise birthday party, but they make it up to him by allowing him to enter the virtual-mission simulator and discover what it's like to be bionic.

"Death Spiral Smackdown"

Aired: June 7, 2012
Leo and Adam compete against each other in a school fitness challenge. Meanwhile, Bree and Chase use their bionic abilities against each other.

"Can I Borrow the Helicopter?"

Aired: June 14, 2012
Leo borrows Davenport's helicopter to take Janelle on a daring date; Bree decides to move out of the lab and into her own room.

"Back From the Future"

Aired: June 21, 2012
Davenport's time machine brings Leo from seven years in the future to present day to stop Adam, Bree and Chase from going on a deadly mission. Guest Cast Madison Pettis: Janelle

"Chip Switch"

Aired: June 28, 2012
Adam, Bree and Chase defy warnings from Davenport and swap bionic chips, which leads to a perilous situation in an elevator. Guest Cast Maile Flanagan: Principal Perry

"Drone Alone"

Aired: July 5, 2012
Leo is left alone to care for the Lab Rats, but things quickly go wrong when he plays with a new gadget that causes glitches for Adam, Bree and Chase. Guest Cast Will Forte: Eddy

"Chore Wars"

Aired: July 12, 2012
Adam, Bree and Chase learn about chores and earning money. They hold a yard sale to raise some cash, but they accidentally sell an antique jewelry box that Davenport was restoring for Tasha. Guest Cast Will Forte: Eddy

"Dude, Where's My Lab"

Aired: July 27, 2012
Tasha takes the family on a trip to the beach, but the discovery of a solar flare headed toward Earth disrupts the getaway.

"Night of the Living Virus"

Aired: August 22, 2012
Leo becomes Davenport's lab assistant and releases a powerful Internet virus, which results in Eddy becoming a demon named Teddy. Guest Cast Jo Enright: Cara McIlvenny Geoffrey McGivern: Professor John Mycroft Chris Addison: Dr. Alex Beenyman Selina Cadell: Dean Mieke Miedema Will Forte: Eddy

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