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Kyle XY Season Two

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"The Prophet"

Aired: June 11, 2007
In the second-season premiere, Kyle spends time in quiet seclusion with Adam Baylin, who tells him more about his past. Meanwhile, the Tragers try to get used to life without Kyle, but it's Nicole who suffers the most from his absence.

"The Homecoming"

Aired: June 18, 2007
Kyle's return to the Trager household makes him wonder if he has made the right decision, especially when he realizes just how much he cannot share with them. Meanwhile, Jessi's life after Zzyzx begins.

"The List is Life"

Aired: June 25, 2007
Kyle's return to a normal life at the Tragers is complicated by Foss' training regimen and things going sour between Lori and Declan. Meanwhile, Jessi begins her mission to get closer to Kyle.

"Balancing Act"

Aired: July 2, 2007
Alarmed by a murder in the forest, Foss pushes a conflicted Kyle to the breaking point; Declan's probe of what he believes is Kyle's secret could have grave consequences.

"Come to Your Senses"

Aired: July 9, 2007
Nicole resumes her career in earnest working with a new patient---Jessi. Meanwhile, Kyle tries to score points with Amanda by catching the thief who robbed her house and took a priceless piece of jewelry.

"Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish"

Aired: July 16, 2007
A series of visions that comes true makes Kyle wonder if he can predict the future, so he digs even deeper into Adam Baylin's research to find an answer.

"Free To Be You and Me"

Aired: July 23, 2007
As Kyle and Amanda prepare for their first date, a cryptic warning about Tom Foss makes Kyle wonder whom he can trust. Meanwhile, Jessi chafes at Emily's restrictions.

"What's the Frequency, Kyle?"

Aired: Ju;y 30, 2007
Lori's decisions come back to haunt her while on a camping expedition with Kyle, Jessi, Declan and Amanda when they stumble upon the ruins of Zzyzx in the woods.

"Ghost in the Machine"

Aired: August 6, 2007
The key to opening a box Kyle found in the ruins of Zzyzx depends on him gaining entry to Madacorp and getting his hands on Ballantine's ring. Meanwhile, Lori wonders how close her dad is to a coworker.

"House of Cards"

Aired: August 13, 2007
The key to opening a box Kyle found in the ruins of Zzyzx depends on him gaining entry to Madacorp and getting his hands on Ballantine's ring. Meanwhile, Lori wonders how close her dad is to a coworker.

"Hands on a Hybrid"

Aired: August 20, 2007
Kyle hopes his high school's charity event will provide him with an opportunity to learn more about Jessi; Lori learns who attacked her.


Aired: August 27, 2007
The Tragers worry about Jessi's next move, which creates a dilemma for Kyle.

"Leap of Faith"

Aired: September 3, 2007
Kyle and Jessi try to find out more about their past, while the Tragers sift through what they know about Kyle to find out who he really is.

"To C.I.R., With Love"

Aired: January 14, 2008
The second season resumes as Kyle returns to the Tragers to tell them the truth about his existence. He also hatches a plan to defeat Madacorp, despite the fact that Jessi's fate is unknown after her dangerous leap from a cliff in the woods.

"The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"

Aired: January 21, 2008
Freed from the grips of Madacorp, Jessi looks forward to a fresh start at school, but her newfound knowledge of her extraordinary powers and her secret bond with Kyle only add to the usual teenage angst.

"Great Expectations"

Aired: January 28, 2008
Kyle and Amanda's relationship hits a period of uncertainty after she makes a surprise visit home, but is uncharacteristically cagey about the reason why. Meanwhile, Jessi loses her patience with Kyle when he keeps putting off her training sessions because of his preoccupation with Amanda.


Aired: February 4, 2008
The Tragers get a visit from a social worker.

"Between a Rack and a Hard Place"

Aired: February 11, 2008
Suspicious of Taylor's intentions, Adam Baylin returns to urge Kyle to keep an eye on Jessi, but Kyle's new mission comes between him and Amanda. Meanwhile, Josh struggles with his additional responsibilities at the Rack.

"First Cut Is the Deepest"

Aired: February 18, 2008
Kyle tries to make up for neglecting Jessi by taking her to the University of Washington to learn more about her mother, but what they find makes Kyle more worried about Jessi than ever. Meanwhile, Josh and Andy seek outside help to prepare for her upcoming cancer exam.

"Primary Colors"

Aired: February 25, 2008
The demand for Kyle's attention from other students during midterm exams takes its toll on him, resulting in strange cognitive malfunctions and drawing pictures in his sleep. Meanwhile, Jessi tries to take advantage of Kyle's condition by making her tutoring services available.

"Grey Matters"

Aired: March 3, 2008
Kyle is the suspected ringleader when a cheating scandal rocks the school---and could cause the cancellation of the prom; Taylor continues to push Jessi in her training for the Latnok presentation.


Aired: March 10, 2008
The discovery of Sarah (Ally Sheedy) creates a dilemma for Kyle when she demands that her identity be kept a secret. Meanwhile, the upcoming prom presents separate problems for Amanda, Lori and Josh.

"I've Had the Time of My Life"

Aired: March 17, 2008
When the prom finally arrives in the second-season finale, Kyle struggles to plan a night that Amanda won't forget, Josh wonders what surprise Andy has in store for their big date, and Declan is determined to show Lori his true feelings. Meanwhile, Jessi makes an announcement about her relationship with Sarah.

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